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Recipe List

Apple cake
Apple crumble  
Apple pie, American-style 
Apple tart with apple compote
Apricot-pistachio tart
Apricot tart with thyme-infused honey

Banana-chocolate chip Bundt cake
Banana-nut muffins
Banana-walnut bread
Bircher müesli 
Blueberry and lemon yoghurt cake
Blueberry mousse
Blueberry muffins 
Bounty-like chocolate-covered coconut cake
Broccoli / salmon / yoghurt quiche
Brownies, dark chocolate with walnuts

Caramelized peaches & vanilla mascarpone cream
Carrot cake (Swiss/Argovian style)
Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting (American/Nordic style)
Cereal bars
Cheesecake (classic recipe)
Cheesecake with passion fruit coulis (no-bake)
Chestnut cake with chocolate icing 
Chocolate cake (gluten free)
Chocolate chip-pecan cookies 
Chocolate chip chocolate muffins
Chocolate chip muffins 
Chocolate pecan pie bars
Chocolate rulltårta (rolled cake)
Coconut cake with chocolate cover
Coeurs de France
Crostata (Italian jam tart) 

Dark chocolate mousse
Eclairs au chocolat 
Fatayers (Lebanese spinach-filled pockets)
Fig tart
Focaccia alla genovese
Fruit cake (festive) 
Hazelnut cookies dipped in chocolate (Nussecken) 

Kanelbullar (Swedish cinnamon buns)
Lemon and blueberry yoghurt cake
Lemon cake
Lime mousse cake with a gingersnap base
Linzer Torte 

Manouché (Lebanese pizza bread)
Maple pecan pie
Marzipan (almond paste)
Mascarpone, raspberry and blueberry tartelettes 
Multigrain spelt bread

Oatmeal-banana-chocolate chip muffins
Onion pie Schaffhausen-style (Bölletünne)
Orange blossom, vanilla and pistachio cake
Orange blossom-flavored ricotta cheesecake
Orange cake

Panna cotta 
Pancakes (buttermilk, with blueberries)
Pear tart with almond filling 
Pistachio cake
Pistachio paste
Plum tart
Prinsesstårta (Swedish princess cake)
Pumpkin bread
Pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting
Pumpkin muffins with cranberries and oats
Pumpkin pie

Quark creme with raspberries
Quiche Lorraine
Quinoa bars

Rhubarb-almond cake 
Rhubarb cobbler
Rhubarb crumble tart
Rhubarb walnut muffins

Semlor (almond and cream buns)
Strawberry cake (Swedish jordgubbstårta)

Tarte Tatin 
Toscakaka (cake with almond crust)
Tresse (Swiss braided bread)

Upside-down pear cake
White chocolate mousse
Zucchini bread
Zucchini-mozzarella pie 

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